me, Saturna Robbie

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

The Ghost Dancers

I have a plan!   This is no time for magic this is a time for listening and hearing our Brothers...even those from beyond. We must try to solve this problem in the old fashioned pow-wow!

None of us can speak the ancient  Indian language but we know how to understand sign language. We formed a paw circle ...but we faced outward toward the dancing warriors. ...paws, hand and claws touching. I called to the Chief of the Ghost Dancers..' O great Chief please hear our story'.  The warriors stopped dancing and moved towards us. I asked permission to speak of our quest. The great chief nodded and told us to sit. He sank to the ground and sat cross-legged...we all followed suit (not easy for some of us with very short legs).

The Chief brought out his peace pipe and solemnly puffed away while we told him of our quest to find the Lost  Dutchman's  Gold mine and our hope to found a Dog's Town.  The Chief and warriors nodded and then they passed the pipe to Dusty, Hurley and Me. With hesitation they offered it to Margaret and Tansy ..women were not usually allowed at pow-wow's...but... as they had never seen a woman in Chaps before they were willing to offer her and her Dog the pipe..but LAST in line. They absolutely refused to let a Rooster smoke!

We all tried not to cough and splutter as we smoked...all I could think of was what Mom will say if she finds out I have been smoking!

The Chief told us his story..of losing land and the Buffalo disappearing. He told us that the spirit of his people  could not rest until things were righted for them. We looked at each other now we can communicate without words...Dusty spoke...Great Chief, we promise if we find the treasure and if we can build a Dog's Town we will have a special place of honour there  for you and your Tribe. We will erect a great teepee to honour your way of life, your ancestors and your courage. Your spirit will have a sacred place to rest within our town.

The Chief and the Warriors signed that this was a good thing and that they would be happy if this was so. We all touched hands, paws and claws in recognition of our pledge. We are now part of the Ghost Dancers and they are part of us. They will lead us to the  Lost Dutchman's Gold Mine.