me, Saturna Robbie

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Indian Love Call

We asked Red to wake us up at about 4.45am. I have to give it to that boy, he is enthusiastic... he gave us a Swiss Yodeling version of Reveille!! We stumbled around in the dark....sort of like taking the early morning ferry on Saturna...and off we went in the cold, starry morning.

We think we are very close to the hills now and to our destination. We are all a little on edge wondering where the Spirits are ....can it really be that they are going to let us find the mine?

Red and Margaret decided  we needed some entertainment to amuse us on our Trek. They launched into a brilliant portrayal of Nelson Eddy and Jeannette McDonald. Oh Rose-Marie I love You...sang Red. Then Margaret trilled in a haunting, echoing soprano  ......'when i'm calling"  Red answered with his deep Baritone ..' I will in answer' ...Wow! What a rendition of the Indian Love Call.. it reverberated from hill to hill. AND HERE COME THE INDIANS!! OMG...they have awakened the Indian Spirits that guard the gold mine!!

Indian Ghost Dancers
Tansy said 'see what you have got us into with your caterwallin'!   Margaret and Red were quite put out...but I did have to admit that a different choice of song might have been 'Only a Rose'. It would be difficult to imagine a Rose Attack!

These are the famous Ghost Dancers of the desert. They danced to regain their land and their buffalo. They have been dead for a hundred years and they are cranky!  We yelled at Tansy to look up in her spell book a spell that would send them back where they came from....her paws were shaking so badly she couldn't turn the pages.

Dusty, Hurley Tansy and myself avoided eye contact, flattened our ears and made ourselves smaller so as not to appear aggressive.Margaret was not too successful at this maneuver and Red tried to look like a small war-bonnet without success. We were surrounded with no way out!