me, Saturna Robbie

Sunday, 25 September 2011

Treasure Trove Laws

We all stood looking at BJB and Lisa with our jaws hanging and without moving so much as an eyelid. BJB slowly reached into his jacket pocket....Lisa's hand went to her hip....time stood still. Something glinted in the light....'This here is my I.D' said BJB .....'allow me to introduce myself, I am Special Ranger Roy Ross Rogers and this is my Deputy, Liza Doolittle Day'....Liza flashed her badge.  'We have been following Hurley's Angels for months hoping you would lead us to this treasure'. ' You see Gang, because the treasure is on State Land it belongs to the State, and believe me, we need it very badly right now'.

Well you know we are all law abiding citizens and that we would be more than happy to help out Arizona...but....look at all the time and effort we have put into this!! Look at our dream shatter! Tansy just couldn't take it ...she sat down and howled in disappointment. Can the government really take all of the gold?

I browsed Wikipedia for buried treasure and who it legally belongs to, on my BlackBerry...... It is very clear that the owner of the land is the owner of the treasure.   Bummer. Ranger RRR and Deputy LDD politely asked us to step aside and let them start hauling out the gold. Tears ran down Margaret's cheeks and Dusty, Hurley and Red sniffed and snuffled back tears. The whole group of Dragons and Actors and Wozart etc, stood silently by and watched....Priscinda wanted to change the two State Rangers into toads but we knew that was not good...we would be tracked down and thrown into jail.

Is this the end??  Have we run out of luck and protection at last??

The Great Chief of the Ghost Dancers stepped forward. 'Not so fast' he said. This land belongs to me and my people....we are claiming the gold as our heritage! Hurley's Gang are our Blood Brothers ..what is ours is theirs!!

Stay tuned it is not over yet....