me, Saturna Robbie

Monday, 12 September 2011

Three Days!

Mom is going to Salt Spring for THREE days on that Trust stuff business! I heard her giving DOD instructions as to what Lacey and I need, when we need it, how much we need etc. So this morning we had a trial run of DOD putting the leash on Lacey for our walk......didn't go too well!!!!  I wonder if DOD will wake up at 5.30 if we need to go out....and will he remember lots of treats? I feel a bit ....just a little bit..worried.

We continued with our crate training for Lacey yesterday....we went in the car to Winter Cove and walked around and then put her back in the crate and came home. She was pretty good...I wouldn't go so far as to say enthusiastic about it.

I feel Fall in the air this morning and there is a fog bank off Pender... 'tis the season.