me, Saturna Robbie

Monday, 12 September 2011

The Gang solves the Water Crisis

Mom shrieked ' Robbie, is that a REAL Witch'? I assured her that Priscinda was a bona fide card-carrying member of a Coven. Mom wanted to know if Priscinda could change people and times...I said she could. Mom was hemming and hawing about maybe looking 25 again when luckily DOD came down stairs and told her to get a grip!

I introduced Mom and DOD and Lacey to my Gang. They thought Red was a spectacular Rooster (he crowed with happiness) and that Tansy was so cute (Tansy preened) and they were so pleased to meet Dusty and Hurley (Mom loved their Yankee accents and good manners). Mom was a bit hesitant to meet Priscinda but she and DOD shook hands solemnly with her (Lacey growled ...not good, lucky she isn't a CAT for that!) and said 'pleased to meet you and welcome to our home'. Then all three of them looked at Margaret...Mom asked if she was having mud therapy of some sort and was this something folks on Galiano did?  We all burst our laughing and explained about nogarD.


I told Mom we had another little surprise for her....and we dragged her into the bathroom to take a look. I must admit she took it well...All she said was 'No, he is not staying here'!  and she and DOD and Lacey marched back upstairs.

I have a plan!  We made a paw circle to discuss it ......Now we know that nogarD likes salt water I think we should ask our friends at the Fire Department to help out. The Gang said 'YES....good idea'.  So I texted the Fire Chief and he answered right away,  'Sure, we will help the Salamanders'. I didn't dare tell him it was for nogarD, he is our secret.

We trooped back to the pond....Margaret carried nogarD again....he liked it and gave her watery kisses as she walked.. which was good because it washed all the mud off.

The Fire Department showed up with the big pumper truck full of salt water and turned the hose on the pond...I asked them to be gentle, both for the Salamanders and for nogarD's house. The pond levels quickly rose right back to Spring levels!!!....we cheered and barked and crowed and invited the Fire men and women to my house for biscuits and tea (Mom won't mind). nogarD blew water everywhere (the Fire persons thought it was strange but reasoned it might be an underground Spring erupting) it was his way of saying thank you to us.

The forecast is for rain this weekend. I think we have solved the water crisis for our friend nogarD.