me, Saturna Robbie

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

A Stove Morning

I feel so much happier when I look out of my bedroom window and see it isn't raining...there is even some blue sky way up high. I do like the stove lit feels so good to lie on the warm hearth. As a mature Dog I am starting to feel a bit of an ache in my bones on damp days...Mom says she knows how I feel.

Mom is thinking about taking Lacey's cone off tomorrow!  Her eyes look healed and she doesn't try to scratch I am hopeful that it will happen. It really is difficult to be kissed and hugged while she has that hard plastic banging MY head!

We are going to check out the pond today to see how much the water levels have risen ....and I check Hugh and Barbra's house while they are away...and we check on the boats at the dock. I like checking things out.