me, Saturna Robbie

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

A Good Days Work!

Ranger, Roy Ross Rogers and Deputy, Liza Doolittle Day stared at the Great Chief and remarked that they would have to have proof of the Indian's claims to the land. They said the Indians would have to produce a Deed or some other official government record to show that they had not lost the land in a battle with the white man's army.

This was going to be difficult I could tell! Priscinda and Wozart asked again if they could simply change the two agents into Javelinas or some such thing. But we didn't think that was a good idea.

The medicine man stepped forward and said he had proof that the land belonged to them. The two agents laughed and said 'sure you do old fellow'. We dogs did not like their disrespectful tone and we growled our displeasure...Red crowed angrily and Margaret said 'Shame on you'....the rest of our group hissed and booed. But the medicine man just smiled calmly and took out his little bag of roots and herbs.

'It is the custom of my people to smoke the pipe and to drink coffee while we talk', he said. RRR and LDD rolled their eyes and responded that the old guy was just stalling for time...but what could it hurt....the gold was theirs! We didn't know what to think!

We sat down cross-legged with the Indian Ghost Dancers and the Agents. The Dragons quickly boiled up some coffee and the old medicine man and the Great Chief filled the pipe. As this was our second time on the pipe we knew better than to inhale and we took little puffs. The coffee was and strong. The Agents took sucked in huge amounts of smoke and spluttered and coughed ....we smirked. They drank their coffee quickly and asked for more....

After a few minutes the Agents began to speak incoherently (good word huh?) of different places and times. The medicine man told us he had given the Agents the same root that he had given us the night of magic and  the Agents would see visions in keeping with their own minds and hearts of the battle for the land. Wow! Whatever was in their minds was NOT GOOD. They were yelling and carrying on like they were in a battle fighting imaginary foes...and then they lit out of place screeching and yelling like the Devil himself was after them....running as fast as they could go!

The whole gang rushed back into the cave and we started a chain gang, hauling out gold and putting it in the motor home as fast as we could move it. Margaret lead us in a Sea Shanty ...Yo- Ho- Heave- we lifted the heavy nuggets and passed them down the line from hand to paw to claw.

We filled the motor home with as much gold as we could fit in and still have room for ourselves. Margaret will drive. The rest of the group know how to get back and forth in cyber space....we will be in touch. We left gold for the Agents (whoever they are) to find when they come out of their trance...we hope it is enough to keep them away from us.

All in all a GOOD day!!