me, Saturna Robbie

Friday, 30 September 2011

Some Mornings Just Don't Work.

I hate to be a snitch but Lacey was badly behaved this morning!  She has learned sit, come, down and give paw....this morning she went on strike and refused to do anything!  She would not get her leash DOD said we would go for a walk without her. Well, I am afraid I can't go anywhere without my Sister, so DOD was not happy with me either! She finally saw the error of her ways and we set off as usual.....sometimes I don't understand that girl!

We are doing 'get used to the car' training today. Lacey doesn't like the car at all....she is afraid of it and two trips to the Vets (and one more to go) have not helped. Mom sits in the back with us which has started rumours on the Island that she and DOD are not speaking! I am hoping that Lacey gets to be less stressed in the car before we leave for will be a LONG four days if I have to put up with her whining the whole time!