me, Saturna Robbie

Friday, 23 September 2011

Seems like old times

We had such a fun night sitting around and catching up on what the group have been doing since we last met. Priscinda and Wozart etc. exchanged spells and if I am not mistaken, he fell under her spell! They were acting like old friends and looking at each other like a dog looks at a bone!! Carlos and the actors were wrapping up their Randolph Scott movie....and with the help of the Dragons they plan on doing a re-make of Blazing Saddles. Femme La Flamme and the Weezle@ and Weezle* will do the on-site catering and Wrexel will be a co-director with Carlos Silverstein. I know it will become a classic.
Dorito and the Coyotes have formed a choir and will be performing the Howl-elujah chorus in  a hillside setting....Wow! We will definitely try to catch their Christmas performance if we are in the area. The Javelinas said they stay content doing what Javelinas do (I didn't want to ask personal questions so I can't tell you what that is.)

Much as we were enjoying our friends, we could not wait  any longer to see inside the cave....Hurry, please Hurry, Hurley barked!  Yes, Yes. hurry said Tansy and then Dusty and Red.....Margaret said  'move it'! So we did.

With pounding hearts we crawled through the little door....the whole group crowded in behind us.  At first we could not see anything it was so dark, then we got the Dragons to breathe fire....everything was covered in layers of dust. We huffed and puffed but we could not get rid of hundreds of years of dirt and debris. Then Priscinda said 'watch this'....and quick as a wink the dust was gone (Wozart etc. smiled and smiled at her) we saw what we had seen when we did the Ghost Dancer Dance.....piles and piles and piles of big yellow nuggets of gold!!! WOW!

I can't begin to tell you how much gold we have found...but I checked the daily buy\sell rate for a few tons on my BlackBerry and it added up to more spaces than my BlackBerry calculator could handle.  The Group said they would help us to carry it out and we were grateful for their offer of help. We are not sure how we are going to deal with such a large, heavy treasure ....but the main thing is we have found it!

We neededsome time to have a paw circle and make plans.....Femme and the Dragons said they would cook us up some Tamales and we realised that we were very hungry...we also needed some fresh air.  We all trooped outside....and guess who was waiting for us???   Did you guess Billie Joe Bob and Lisa??    BJB said ' we can help you all to put the gold in my motor home'!!! 

To be continued......