me, Saturna Robbie

Friday, 23 September 2011

A good day in the neighbourhood.

What a nice morning after yesterday!  We ran straight outside this morning no lounging in bed....well actually, it looked so nice and mild out  in the middle of the night that we asked Mom to let us out to check if the weather was going to be good for today....and it is! I think Mom likes the middle of the night....she is pretty quiet and looks sort of dreamy and stunned while we do our thing...then we all race back up to bed (Lacey hitting every step with her cone along the way) DOD never ever wakes up no matter what!

We had a good day yesterday. Lacey's stomach was hurting from the anti-biotics so Mom gave her lots of food and she was okay after that. Her eyes are starting to heal and her tail is up again. She still crashes into things but she ignores the noise and goes around.The Vet called to make sure we are okay....I heard Mom say that it had not bothered me at all....HAH! I was a brave mature dog....she could have mentioned that!!!!!

I think today will be a good day in the neighbourhood!