me, Saturna Robbie

Saturday, 3 September 2011


Things will be a a bit different today. Mom has told me in confidence of her schedule....she has to go to the Rec Centre this morning and make Mac and Cheese with Lin....and then BOTH mom and DOD will be going to the Sock Hop this afternoon. Now I would normally be going with them and racing around at the Rec Centre with all of my Buddies, but mom says we can't let Lacey do that.....and heaven knows we aren't going to take a chance on leaving her in the guess what? Yes! I have to stay at home with her!! What am I and unpaid baby-sitter??  No one told ME it would be like this!

And how about the Dog Show tomorrow? DOD is emceeing it and I am always a STAR......wait til I ask mom about THAT!