me, Saturna Robbie

Sunday, 4 September 2011

Lost in Translation

Lacey does not understand English! As a matter of fact she doesn't understand any language and she doesn't know her own name. I guess when dogs are in kennels no one teaches them  'do you want a you want to go for a's bed time'....those sorts of things. And kennel dogs don't get called by name. She still doesn't know that she is Lacey...or who Mom is or DOD. I am trying to translate for her between human and dog languages...

Today is the Dog Show on Saturna. I am staying at home with Mom and Lacey...DOD is emceeing the show. I know my friends Nurse Lorna, Sandi and Kathy will miss me... Reggie will be there hamming it up for the crowd with Pam and Harvey..... show off that he is!  I like the idea of being missed! 

Please send a hot-dog treat home with DOD!!!