me, Saturna Robbie

Thursday, 1 September 2011

Please Sir....

We didn't have time for a paw circle so I had to make a decision on the fly as to who was going to be our spokesperson. I looked  around at our little gang and decided we needed all of our combined skills for this one!

We trooped toward Wozart together....Red perched on my head. Dusty, Hurley and I bowed low....Margaret and Tansy curtsied and Red twirled his wing like it was a cape in a very grand sweeping gesture. Wozart fixed us with his steely gaze and said  'Speak you strange creatures'. I said 'Please sir, we have come such a long way to ask you a question ....may we...might we ...I mean, can we?' Wozart breathed an awesome stream of fire through his nostrils and said...'make it snappy, short one'.

Margaret got our map out of her chaps and opened it for Wozart to see... Wozart bent his head to look and let out a snort and quick as a flash our map went up in flames. OMG we couldn't believe it! Is this all there is? Are we finished before we begin? Without waiting to be asked we all slumped to the floor.....Hurley couldn't help himself...he let out a sad low howl. And then Dusty joined in and then Tansy, then me too...Red struck up with an Aria from Don Giovanni and Margaret not to be outdone started on the soprano parts of the Hallelujah chorus!

STOP! Wozart roared. We stopped, like right now!  'Tell me what you want'.  'Please Sir', I said ...and then I went on to tell him of our quest to find the Lost Dutchman's Gold Mine and our plan to start a Dogs Town where every dog would have a forever home. Wozart just stared at us for a long time...Tansy said 'of course it will be a town where Dragons are welcome too'. He nodded. Then Red said...'and some Roosters' He nodded again. Margaret added  'and good humans and maybe even cats'! And Hurley said ' And Witches too".  Wozart said quietly ' do you know a Witch?' Yes Sir, we said in unison ...and Tansy knows some spells already. He sat and stared again....then he said ' I think you are a special Gang of ??? (he couldn't find the word he was looking for)  and I will help you'. ... You are going to need all of your spells and some magic to get past the Spirits who guard the mine. Your map was a phony by the way'!!

Oh Boy, Oh Boy. We touched paws, claws and hands in a victory salute!