me, Saturna Robbie

Thursday, 1 September 2011

We Survived

Mom left us with DOD yesterday. She was gone for 7 long hours at one of her fun meetings! Of course I am a mature dog and I know full well that mom always comes home but Lacey was stressed. DOD took us for a walk and even remembered to feed us...we were happy about that.

Before mom left the last thing she said to DOD was 'Do not lock the dogs in the house if you go outside'!!! She had barely been gone an hour when he went out to work in the yard slamming the door behind him. Lacey was a bit freaked...she eyed the sofa cushions longingly and told me a few bites would ease her anxiety....  but I calmed her down and we both waited for him to come back. 

He owes me BIG!