me, Saturna Robbie

Friday, 2 September 2011

And the Days Go By

Yesterday was a good day. Mom and DOD left us outside for over one hour and Lacey was cool. This is good.

She is a crazy dog...on our walks she attacks long grass and snaps it up....she chased a crumpled maple leaf and tried to chew that too! She now lets DOD pet her as long as he has a treat in his hand... and she thinks I am her best friend in the whole world! This morning I wanted to lie-in for a while....I am exhausted from trying to train her every day...but she marched up stairs and demanded that I get out of bed. Actually, I sort of liked that she missed me. Oh yes, and she sleeps in her crate at night now...

We have only had Lacey for three weeks today but already I can't remember when she was not in my life. I think it is good to have a Sister.