me, Saturna Robbie

Sunday, 4 September 2011

On The Trail

We walked a few feet and a few more feet ( I wish I could count) down the path from the cave and then we stopped for a paw circle. We each looked at the map and committed it to memory and I entered the directions into my BlackBerry. Margaret read the spells to us, but they seemed very complicated and we will leave it to Tansy to understand them ....then I sent Priscinda a text message and told her to be ready to join us in a moments notice. She texted back that she could be with us in a nano-second....that was good news, I have a feeling we will need her.

We are sorry to leave the Dragons behind they have been good friends to us and we will miss them. Now we are on foot and this desert is so huge. By my calculations we have a long way to go...a very long way, and even further. My GPS doesn't have a fix on the Lost Dutchman Gold Mine so we will have to follow our map and our instincts. 

Hurley picked up a scent. He didn't know if it was an evil Spirit or a mountain lion scent. I was not sure there is much difference in terms of danger!  Dusty said that we should all stick together and not wander off and get separated....he is so right.  Red offered to sing Solidarity and old Union songs (I can't wait to find out how he knows such songs) we all agreed that noise might be a good thing to ward off  potential attackers. Then Red was offended that we called his singing noise!  Margaret told us that in addition to her many other talents she was a licensed and certified water-diviner. WOW...that is good news.....finding water can be such a problem in the desert. Tansy tested out a spell guaranteed to keep us safe ...and all of a sudden we felt less afraid, we could feel the protection.

We hoisted on our back packs, touched noses and paws, claws and hands and set off. We are on the trail of the Lost Dutchman's Gold Mine.