me, Saturna Robbie

Monday, 5 September 2011

Monday that feels like Sunday

DOD came home and told us all about the dog show.....he said it was the best ever! I found his comments a tad upsetting...I mean how could it have been that great without me??? And then he went on and on about the tricks that the dogs did. Mature dogs like me do not do tricks for heavens juvenile! Lacey says she won't do tricks either ....she says she is hoping they have the car-seat-chewing category next year!!  Ha Ha ...great sense of humour that dog!

DOD brought home a large stuffed Shar-pei toy...Lacey went crazy. She was not happy! She growled and barked and threatened to attack it. I was very calm...I just quietly said in her ear 'now you know how I felt when you came here'!!

So mom and DOD left us again last night...this is getting to be too much of a habit....and...they don't take me in the car with them any more! I find if I do things I have never done before running off with mom's shoe and hiding it, they automatically think it is Lacey!  I know it is not mature...but it feels GOOD!