me, Saturna Robbie

Monday, 5 September 2011

The Desert Night

We have decided to walk in the early morning and in the evening and rest in the heat of the day. Today was a scorcher and we found shade in the Joshua Tree forest...I love those ancient trees.

While sitting in the shade planning out our next few miles of trekking a dune buggy came roaring up and swerved to a stop. The driver asked us if we wanted a ride!  Did we want a ride??  Oh YES!    The lady driver told us to hop in the back ...and this we did...gratefully!  She told us that she had never come across a Gang such as ours in all of her years in Arizona/Mexico. She told us her name was Lisa and that she had been going back and forth across the border between Arizona and Mexico for years. She was not young and she had dyed red hair ( Margaret told me it was dyed) and glasses and tight pants. She also had tattoos and studs in her nose....still we didn't care...a ride is just that ...a ride... and we were happy not to have to walk.

Keeping in mind that an evil Spirit may just appear to be friendly, we were very careful not to tell Lisa of our plans. She did seem a tad too inquisitive for our liking..although friendly...and we were happy when she told us that she was heading back to her home. We climbed out and took a reading on where we were. By my estimation we had come a lot of miles...and maybe even more than that...the Gang agreed !  I think that we are within a days march of our destination ...and  I have a feeling that we have not seen the last of Lisa!

We will continue to walk into the night and bed down under the stars. So far no evil spirits and nothing to be afraid of. Hurley will rustle up some grub...Red will gather up spiders and beetles...then we will light a fire (difficult without our dragon friends) and sit around and plan our day for tomorrow.

The stars are shining so brightly overhead...the desert sky is awesome. Margaret leads us in a prayer for safety and for our friends and families back at home. We sing softly in the still night.....Abide With Me.