me, Saturna Robbie

Friday, 16 September 2011

Medicated and back in the Desert.

We gather together and say goodbye to Mom, DOD and Lacey....  Dusty and Hurley sent Scribe and Pop a short email ..the wish-you-were-here kind, telling them of our adventures and sending nose-no-nose kisses and Love. We don't know how long we will be gone but Mom has given us all  Heartworm medication and a flea preventative, a real problem for animals in the desert she said. Margaret flatly refused to have anything to do with it...said she would take her chances and fleas would not dare to jump on HER...(Tansy muttered something about no heart which we thought better to ignore)  but Margaret did agree it was good for us dogs, and Red too!! I was impressed not just anybody can stand up to Mom!

We said good bye to Priscinda and nogarD and we are ready to head back! We form our circle and hold on to each other and we are back in the desert before you can blink twice ....we have high-speed internet cyber transportation.

We are going to camp overnight and try to contact the Indian Ghost Dancers first thing in the morning. Right now we are very tired.....  Red starts to hum Jesus Loves Me.....we like the part 'little one's to Him belong' sounds like it means US! We curl up together....good night Dear Friends.