me, Saturna Robbie

Saturday, 17 September 2011

Running in the Meadow

We did some new things yesterday! Me, Mom and Lacey went for our usual walk but we stopped in the meadows for a while. Lacey wanted to run and play and she couldn't get far on her Mom let her off!!  We had a bit of a worry when she charged straight for the bush! Mom said, 'well that wasn't the brightest thing I ever did'!...but then, Lacey rushed right back and ran around being totally happy. And best of all, she came when Mom called and had her leash put back on. We were happy!

Oh yes, I almost forgot, while Lacey was off the leash I had to do my official job of chasing Deer....Mom told Lacey to sit and gave her a treat and she didn't run after me. Mom seemed to think that was the right way to behave, I am not too sure about that.

And one last thing, we had company in for dinner last night and Mom made my favourite baked chicken spaghetti. I always get Mom gave some to both Lacey and myself...and Lacey didn't like it! Can you imagine?   I ate BOTH...what a treat. I like Lacey more every day.