me, Saturna Robbie

Thursday, 22 September 2011


We took a vote and decided to keep pushing on....we did not want to wait another day. We know by now that the best thing to do at times like this is to hold hands, paws and hold on, and stick together no matter what.

Entrance to Cave Mine
We climbed and climbed for a long time, stopping only to catch our breath. Just when we were beginning to think we may have taken a wrong turn, Red called LOOK!  LOOK to your left.. (some of us don't know left from right so that was a tad confusing) but we got organized and then we saw it! The entrance to the Lost Dutchman Gold Mine.....HOORAY!

We cheered and yelled and howled...but not for long! the very next moment we were set upon by every type of evil spirit you could imagine.!

OMG....they were all over us flying and jumping, laughing like hyenas...hissing...spitting...clawing and biting. To put it bluntly we were scared spitless!

Help! Help! With shaking paws I reached for my BlackBerry and typed SOS.........
SOS...SOS. I hit send-to-all and I said a prayer ...we were running out of time. The spirits had Tansy, Hurley and Dusty by the throat....four or five were sitting on Margaret pulling her hair...and another bunch of hideous things were pulling out Red's tail feathers. Then they grabbed me...I tried to get away but it was no use.

We looked at each other and wondered if this was the end. I imagined how sad Mom and DOD would be without me ....and Scribe and Pop without Dusty and Hurley. Margaret grabbed Tansy out of their clutches and said 'we are a team' ...we go together! She shoved the nasty things off her and stood up...........
'Come on Gang, she yelled 'let us show them what we are made of'! All together, with one voice we began to sing our favourite hymn....He who would valiant be 'gainst all disaster . We just sang it out as loud as we could. 

And then...And the distance ...we heard the roar of motor cycles!!  It was the Dragons..and they had Wozart etc. with them! Then Priscinda flew in on her broom with nogarD sitting behind her. We couldn't believe it...we were thunder struck. And then...Carlos Silverstein and the actors raced up on horses...Dorito Con Queso and the Coyote pack...the Ghost Dancers ......The Javelinas.....WOW....Hallelujah!!!

The evil spirits took one look at our liberators, our heroes ..and tried to escape back to where they came from. Wozart etc. and Priscinda waved magic all around ...the Dragons breathed fire...nogarD snorted water (he had to be careful around Priscinda) and Carlos Silverstein and the actors acted just like the cavalry in the Movies. The Ghost Dancers circled the spirits and waved their tomahawks...the medicine man chanted and shuffled (he didn't have quite the same rhythm without Margaret and her shakers) . The spirits got smaller and smaller until they were tiny little things ...and Dorito and the Coyotes and the Javelinas chased what was left of them into the desert.  I tell you Dear Reader it was magnificent!  

I can't write any more today. We are going to sit around for a while and savor every moment with our Dear Friends. We are so blessed and so very lucky.