me, Saturna Robbie

Thursday, 29 September 2011


 Lacey and I had such a nice day yesterday.....It really is fun to share life with one of your own kind. Not that Mom and DOD don't try to have fun with me...but it is not the same as having someone like yourself to chase and curl up with and whisper dog thoughts to that need no translation.

I notice that the leaves are changing now....the air is cold when we go on our walks...... spiders have spun their webs from side to side across the trails and in the grass in the meadow, how they sparkle in the dew.  it is Fall. As a mature dog I have seen this season a few times now ...and I like it a lot. I like all seasons except the RAINY season.

Mom is starting to talk about Thanksgiving.....Lacey has never heard of it ...I told her it means TURKEY....she has never heard of that either!! she in for a treat!