me, Saturna Robbie

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Dog's Town??

Margaret tore off at breakneck speed, zig-zagging all over the road. It was a challenge for us just to hang on and keep the gold from falling on top of us! When we had gone a long way... and then a bit more of a long way, we decided to pull over and make some plans.

We formed a paw circle and sat down and had a cool drink and a few snacks (the motor home was well stocked) while we tried to come up with a plan of action. First we did a gap analysis....we want to build a Dog's Town and we have a lot of gold...but the gap is....where will we build Dog's Town? How will we build Dog's Town. How will we convert gold into currency and buy the land? Wow! I tell you for a group of Dogs and one Rooster and one Human this is a daunting task.

Our first decision is Where! I think we are all agreed that Arizona is not the place we want to be. As much fun as the desert is, it is a harsh environment and the State may not welcome the type of settlement we are proposing. Margaret and Tansy want to return to Galiano Island. Red and I favour returning to Saturna Island ..or at least to the West Coast of Canada. Dusty and Hurley like the East Coast of the USA. This is sort of like what our Founding Fathers had to grapple with...

How about someplace that looks like this? In the meantime, I will find out on my BlackBerry how to sell gold..

Please send me your ideas for Dog's know our may even want to join us!!