me, Saturna Robbie

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Done and back at home

Lacey and I survived our horrible visit to the Vet. I actually got off pretty teeth only had to be cleaned, no extractions! I am just fine this morning, ate a big breakfast and am raring to go for a walk. Lacey on the other hand is not a happy dog! Here eyes look very sore and if that weren't bad enough she has an ugly, big, hard cone on her head. She keeps bumping into things and she can't see on the sides....I tell you I feel for her. I woke up last night and saw her standing beside my bed....I let out a yelp of terror (so un-macho but I was caught off guard) with her blood red eyes and big shining halo cone I thought I was seeing the devil himself!

Mom and DOD are complaining they are tired...okay it was a long day from 5.30am  until 9.30pm but it is not like they had to suffer or anything. REALLY!!!!