me, Saturna Robbie

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Almost There!!!

Someone once said that 'Fatigue makes cowards of us all' ...and I must have been tired to have been so wussy!
Anyway, the day dawned bright and sunny and we all felt much better. Now we have seen the treasure (or we think we have) ...and we think we are very close to our destination.. It was time for a strategic planning paw circle. We go by Robert's Rules.....that is Me who wrote them of course.

We each took our turn to speak and voice our thoughts and concerns... and to vote on a course of action.  Margaret went first as she is the eldest in human years. She said we should just plow on and trust in Divine Guidance and Providence to help us and protect us. Tansy agreed and brought to mind how we have been protected and helped so far. Dusty gave his vote for plowing on as well now that we have potent magic to help us. Then Red and Hurley jumped right in and said ' Let's just DO IT GANG'. I voted last and of course I agreed with all of them. It was a unanimous decision. I said we should not lose any time as winter is just around the corner and it can get pretty mean in the desert high-country!

We renewed determination and faith we packed up and headed in the direction of the Lost Dutchman Gold Mine. Of course I can't tell you exactly which way we headed off as it might lead some evil person to the treasure.

I am going to skip a few days and nights; travel in the desert can be very monotonous. But we sang songs and played Tag, Follow-the-Leader, I Spy (Red cheated because he said he could see things from high up that we could not see and we had to take his word for it) and Simon Says...except we changed it to Tansy Says. We told stories and talked about Dog's Town and our plans for a better world where every dog will have a 'forever' home and no-one will be lonely....where we will all like each other and celebrate our differences. It felt so good to dream the dream.

So after one more day and one more day and even one more day after that (you know I am not good at counting) ....we found THE mountain. We all checked the map.....YES!  THIS IS IT! Now all we have to do is find the entrance and find a way to get inside. Can you believe it? We started back in July and now it is almost the end of September. We have traveled so far and so long...we are SOOOOO close!