me, Saturna Robbie

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Where is Priscinda?

I hope my Blog readers don't mind me coming back to visit my friends here on Saturna. I felt homesick for the ocean and the Salamander pond, the green meadows and my Saturna friends. I thought I would bring the Gang with me....through cyber space and the internet we can be back in Arizona for tomorrow's I want to see nogarD and to introduce the Gang to Priscinda (if we can find her.)

We walked down the winding little road to the Salamander pond. I showed the Gang my measuring rock and they could see how low the water levels are. (I worry a lot that it may not rain in time to save nogarD's home). I called to nogarD in my special nogarD calling way... And there he was! He popped right up to see me wagging his lovely long, blue tail and spraying us all with water and bubbles. I introduced him to the Gang....he came very close to the waters edge to check them out and to wave his foot in greeting. Hurley dived right into the pond and gave him a nose to nose kiss! I could tell nogarD was a bit surprised.... but I knew he liked it. We sat down on the rocks at the edge of the pond and nogarD brought us up to date on what had been happening while we were off on our Quest.

He told us that he had not seen Priscinda, the-Witch-who-stole-summer and that he was a bit worried about her. He said she must be pretty lonely.....He also told us there were a lot of summer visitors on the farm and that made it difficult for the Elves and himself and Priscinda to get out. So few people these days believe in Dragons, Witches and Elves and so if they do see them, they prefer instead to think they have seen some sort of dangerous animal lurking, and they want to set traps to catch them in case they bite the kids!!  HAH.

Tansy suggested that we try to find Priscinda, she wanted to discuss a couple of spells with her.....Margaret shuddered but said she was game. CC wasn't too sure.... but he said he hadn't been sure about Dragons either and they had turned out to be great. Dusty said we should never decide about people (or witches) until we had met them for ourselves. I agreed.

We trooped off down Tanya's trail and through Hidden Meadow....and there was Priscinda's little house. We all walked bravely up the path and I knocked on the door. No one answered. I knocked again...and then I tried the handle and pushed the door open. The room was empty. We saw a note on the table ....Margaret read it to said..' I gave you back summer and you promised to be my friend have not come back  to see me ...Good Bye'.

Oh Dear Readers I did make that promise...I checked my blog and there it was in black and white. I have been so busy with my adventure that I have forgotten my friends and my promises.  We looked at each other and I know the Gang felt just as bad as I did.....

What to do now?  Do we go back on our Quest or do we find Priscinda and bring her back to her home?