me, Saturna Robbie

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Welcome Back!

The wind began to die down....Margaret slowed down her chant and we started our descent to earth....And then we saw it.....the Dragon camp! Wrexel, Femme, Weezle@ and Weezle* eyes turned to the heavens were watching our descent. Like old friends we rushed up to each other....the dragons were so happy to see us... they had given us up for lost and after searching for hours they had headed back to base camp convinced we were gone for good.

Hurley was so happy to see Femme la Flamme that he almost turned himself inside out. Wrexel said how he had missed CC riding up front on his bike. Weezle@ and Weezle* gave Margaret and Tansy a big dragon hug, we got so many back slaps that I thought my legs would be at least an inch shorter and everyone wanted to hear of our adventure.

We gathered around with a cool drink and a bite to eat. We let CC be the story teller but let me tell you his version was nothing like the rest of us remembered!  (CC explained that you cannot let the facts interfere with a good story). Okay, I can agree to a certain extent, we all like a shaggy dog story, but when he said that he single handedly saved the settlers from marauding Indians Dusty and I had to intervene and set the record straight! Tansy showed the dragons her work worn paws and the boys offered to kiss them better. Tansy declined...she didn`t think hot dragon breath would help very much. Margaret told them how she had been young again and and how she had been a mule skinner and so pretty in her lovely red dress... . Hurley complained of the hours he spent in harness pulling wagons but when Femme said she could see his new muscles he rolled over with all four paws in the air and said it was worth every minute! Dusty and I didn`t bother telling them of our premature howling and waking the entire camp...some things are better left unsaid.

We are going to rest up tonight and then tomorrow the dragons and Hurley`s Angels are going to get back on the path of the quest to find Wozart etc. and the Lost Dutchman Gold mine. We know we have to be more careful in this desert land ....we have learned that many strange things can happen here. We have also learned to trust each other and to know that if we hold on together we can survive a lot!