me, Saturna Robbie

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Some Things are Good

We had a better day with Lacey yesterday, that is the good news. The bad news is we had a worse night!

She learned a few new things yesterday. Mom let her off the leash on our property...even though it is fenced she was on a leash because she found it too big.....anyway, she did good at that and came back into the house when she was finished. We went on two walks ....she liked that too.

Lacey likes her food...... mom let her taste ice cream...she had never had ice cream before and she jumped when her nose touched it....then she gobbled it up.

That was all good. Then  bed time came. I volunteered to stay with Lacey in the office and mom and DOD went to bed. About 1.00am Lacey decided she wanted we opened the door (it is a sliding door) and made a noise at the front door. Mom was okay with that. We messed around for a while and came in but Lacey was not in the mood for going back to sleep!! She kept rattling the door and making noise.....finally mom had had enough. She came downstairs with Charles Manson eyes (those eyes are scary) and told Lacey, in the voice that means you had better listen,  to ' Go to Sleep'. It worked.... Lacey went to sleep... I went upstairs with mom and DOD just so they would know I was not part of the disturbance.... and we all had peace and quiet. 

I wonder what today will bring?