me, Saturna Robbie

Sunday, 14 August 2011

Wagons HO!

So, last night Dusty and I shared a watch. Let me tell you it was very, very scary. There are Pima and Navajo Indians around here and they are not happy with these settlers passing through. These indians are real not like Carlos Finklestein and his band of actors. Then there are the Coyotes and Wolves that try to get the mules and horses..not to mention Mountain Lions and Jaguars. When Dusty and I heard a sound we broke into a sweat and howled at the top of our lungs. Well it appears that is not appropriate guard behaviour! All the men came rushing out pulling up trousers and carrying guns. When they found out we had only heard a noise they were not amused!! We are on more howl for the wrong reasons and we are toast...finis....kaput!

Margaret and Tansy didn't fare much better than we did. They sorted out the laundry like real Pro's and things were looking good.....then Tansy asked one of the women where the laundromat was ......and if they had some Tide and Oxyclean!! The woman gave them a bar of hard yellow soap and a washboard!! Two hours later Tansy said her paws were not meant for such work and Margaret's fingers looked like wrinkled pork sausages. They downed soap and board and went on strike!

CC checked for bugs in all of the wagons but he thought he was supposed to eat them all and now he is a funny green colour and feels awful!

Hurley is absolutely exhausted. His muscles are sore and his feet are blistered. He says he wants to see the shop steward!

I think the Pioneers are having a meeting about us. I am sure they will tell us to leave.

I sneakily checked my GPS...... we are close to Yuma and we are not far from the Dragon camp. As leader of this group how can I get us back to our real time??? Can anyone help me???