me, Saturna Robbie

Monday, 15 August 2011

Lacey- I am a hero!

Well day two passed without too much trauma. Mom and I took Lacey for a walk on her leash and harness...she has never been walked before and she found the world big and strange. She was not interested in my favourite spots but I know that will change

We don't know why, but she is afraid of DOD and he has been very nice to her....

So then it is bed time again. This doesn't go well. I went upstairs as I am priveledged to do but Lacey is too afraid to do mom left her in the Office. Well she was stressing so mom put her in her crate. Wrong move!!  She beat on the door and yipped and I said to mom, ' I will go and sleep with her' was so surprised but she said,  'okay...thanks Robbie'. I went into the Office and curled up on the carpet...Lacey gave me a look of thanks, she went straight to sleep and we stayed there until morning.

I have had extra treats and hugs and pets...I am a hero this morning....I love it!!