me, Saturna Robbie

Sunday, 14 August 2011

Lacey -No more new bed

We had to go to Hughies birthday was an important birthday mom said 'cos he was 75!
Anyway, we put Lacey in her crate with her new bed....we thought she would feel safe in there and we promised to hurry back. We did hurry back...but I think she wasn't happy at us leaving !  There was nothing left of her new bed but a few scraps of fabric and clouds of white fluffy stuff everywhere!  We couldn't even see her in the crate she was covered from head to toe.  DOD said to mom 'whose idea was it to get a dog?'

Then she didn't want to get back into her crate at bed time...(.mom said she was traumatised ...I like that word...I may want to be traumatised at some stage and will use it again) so she panted loudly (Lacey not mom) and kept us awake. And when she did go to sleep she snored..... worse than DOD!!

She is still ignoring ME and you have no idea how cute I have been...any other female would have been all over me by now! I can sense this is not going to be easy.