me, Saturna Robbie

Sunday, 21 August 2011


So now we have a plan. Fresh from a good night's sleep we headed off through Daffodil Fields, past the Salamander pond (stopped to say hello to nogarD, we will check in with him and update him on our way back) through Rose meadow and deep into the forest.

While we were walking I shared local folklore on Uliannora with the gang. She has been on Old Point Farm for many, many years, way back to Once Upon A Time. Rumour has it that if you go into her home in the forest you will be enchanted by her and you will never be able to leave; faeries are notorious for kidnapping people in this way. We have some protection from Uliannora's spells though; faeries are terribly afraid of iron, it is like poison to them, so Margaret took a few nails from DOD's workshop and stuffed them in her pocket. Also, faeries cannot lie, so whatever she tells us has to be true. Armed with this knowledge and a bit scared we headed deeper into the cool, shady forest.

After many, many, many (I am not good at arithmetic) steps down a little trail We came to a clearing in the forest. It was such a pretty spot with wild Tansy blooming everywhere. Our Tansy liked that, she said the faeries had to be people of class to appreciate her namesake flower. We had a quick discussion as to how we should address Uliannora and settled on Your Majesty. Then we barked and squawked and called "Your Majesty' ....Your Majesty'. And there she was! She was not old like I expected, she was young with long dark curly hair.  Only as tall as me and Tansy, she wore a long red and lilac coloured dress trimmed with white roses and a small tiara on her head held back her hair. Wow! We were sure impressed.

I asked if we could ask her a question....she looked us over and said she spoke English. As she looked at me I could feel a pull toward was as if she had me on a leash. I looked at Dusty and Hurley and I could tell they were having the same problem, Hurley was wagging his tail and heading her way! Margaret crouched down in a sort of curtsy and quickly asked Uliannora if she knew where to find Priscinda... 'yes' she replied.  Then will you please tell us where she is Your Majesty? asked Margaret in a very respectful voice....Ulianorra replied that she would tell us.. but she wanted the little turkey in payment for the information! OMG what to do now?

We formed our little circle fast!  Dusty and I came up with a fool proof plan. We broke out of our huddle and turned back to Ulianorra. We told her she could have CC, She then told us where Priscinda could be found and we all headed quickly down the trail.

You know Dear Reader that we would not abandon our CC. As soon as we were safely out of sight CC flew toward Ulianorra. She blanched and screamed 'go away...go away ' at him.  You see we had put one of the iron nails in his feathers!!  We ran and flew as fast as our legs and wings could carry us back to the Salamander pond so we could fill in nogarD on our meeting with the Faerie Queen. Then we are going to set out to find Priscinda.

First we need a rest and some lunch!