me, Saturna Robbie

Saturday, 27 August 2011


Cass came to our house and re-trained mom and DOD. I was a bit peevish about it as it has taken me years to get them where I want them and now I am worried they are going to include ME in their new-found parenting skills!

The rest of the day was a normal sort of day. I tried to get Lacey interested in chasing Deer but she just stood and looked at me ....must be a girl thing. Then last night I thought I would introduce her to the midnight run on Otters. Mom would have none of THAT! (another girl thing) She spoke quite severely to me in her new-parenting tone and marched me back to bed. Has she no sense of how it made me look in front of Lacey? I was humiliated....and if truth be told, I am still a bit sulky... just wait until she wants those girly kisses from me!!

We need more men in this house!