me, Saturna Robbie

Friday, 26 August 2011

An Interview and we leave Saturna

 I called our paw circle together and we discussed Priscinda and how we were going to move on. We have a plan. Then we discussed our vacant position in the Gang.I  received an application on-line from Red Rooster. He lives next door to Care-Free court (the Senior Centre) on Saturna and he is very anxious to join our gang.

I told him it can be dangerous and that it is often tiring.. but he says he is up for it. He sent a photo....I will post it if we decide to allow him to join us. He lists as his qualifications... that he can fly....he is amazingly handsome....all females adore him....his voice is equal to Pavarotti's...his feathers glossy, bright and long....his lineage impeccable..he excels at bug and worm eating,  excellent eyesight and navigational skills ....and finally, that he has sired hundreds of chicks!

 We weighed Red Rooster's attributes against what we need in a Gang member and all agreed we could use his skills. Tansy pointed out that there would be very little opportunity for 'siring' on the Quest and I said I would speak with him about that should it manifest itself in inappropriate ways!
I sent him a text and told him he was 'in' and to meet us on the farm.

Red Rooster

Next we went to Priscinda's house. I took mom's old BlackBerry with me and got it set up for Priscinda. Now she can keep in touch with us wherever we are ( I hope mom has purchased one of those roaming packages or this can get to be expensive!) Also, in this cyber-age she can join us in Arizona any time she needs to and we can be back here in a nano-second if she we will not lose contact again. She was happy with that. She promised she will keep us informed of happenings at the pond and on nogarD and water levels and all those important things. With no rain in sight nogarD's situation may become critical very soon.

We had a group hug and we set off once again ...Margaret, Tansy, Dusty, Hurley, Red and Me, Robbie... back to Arizona and the Dragons and our Quest.