me, Saturna Robbie

Sunday, 28 August 2011

New Experiences for Lacey

We had a busy day yesterday.

First mom and DOD left us alone in the yard. Now I know the drill but Lacey doesn't get it yet.....she howled and barked when they left.  I told her they always come back but she didn't listen to me. Anyway, they only stayed away for ten minutes and they hid where they could keep an eye on they will do it again for a little longer. I just wish they would take me with them so I don't have to cope with the hysteria...the life of a mature support dog is not easy!

In the afternoon we had a car ride and went to Winter Cove. Lacey was not too bad in the car (I think riding on the chewed seat was a bit traumatic for her) and just acted a little stressed. We had a walk with people around...I told her how to behave with people....just look cute.  She tried but what can I say? I am the cute one!!! And then on the way home we stopped and people stuck their heads in the car...she was cool with that.

She sits when told now even for DOD (if she is getting a treat) and she has learned her name (also if associated with a treat).

That is it for today.