me, Saturna Robbie

Thursday, 11 August 2011


We looked ahead and this is what we saw coming towards us!!

It is getting bigger with every second that passes.....Oh Dear Friends I am so scared and I know you are too. I am the leader so I have to be brave and I have to make a!!!

Okay, off the bikes...I told the dragons they could choose their own plan if they  wanted to or they could join ours; they chose to stay with the bikes. So we five bunched close to-gether in a circle, we held paws, hands and feet....we promised not to let go ...not for anything....we will hang on.

The sky is getting darker and we can hear a noise like a giant truck coming towards us...there is nowhere to go and nowhere to hide. Everyone is so brave....Margaret starts to hum the first line of her favourite hymn....' He who would valiant be 'gainst all disaster'....we all joined in for the last line ' to be a Pilgrim'. It gave us courage.

Okay Gang, here it is!!

We were all swept up into the tornado. It was so quiet in the funnel.....everything was full of blue lightening. We were turning so quickly we were pressed against the sides of the funnel just like those rides at the fair called 'Twister'. There was a hole in the top of the funnel and we could see the clear blue sky above. Round and around we went for such a long time, but we never let go of each other. Then we started being pushed upwards...up and up we went. All of a sudden we popped out of the top and floated back to earth (well CC flew) and landed with a plop.

Where are we? Are we in a magic land?  No wait...I recognize the mountains...we are still in Arizona! Oh good the dragons cannot be far away.

 Hurley and CC went off for a walk to check the place out and try to pick up scents..... Hurley started barking 'LOOK...LOOK everybody LOOK'.  Margaret, Tansy, Dusty and I squinted into the distance.....lots of white things heading our way. They look like...they ARE... covered wagons. OMG...we are in the same place in a different time!! We are in the Old West in the time of the emigration to Oregon and California.

The wagons halted. The women were dressed in long gingham dresses with poke bonnets....the men in rough trousers with suspenders, they had beards and wore hats. One of the women screamed when she saw Margaret in Chaps....

to be continued....