me, Saturna Robbie

Saturday, 13 August 2011


We picked Lacy up yesterday. She lived in a place with 16 other dogs. I think they were well looked after but she doesn't even know her name ...and she has never been on a leash or harness. We had to drive a long way home and she is not used to cars either.....and then the FERRY! By the time the screeching ship's whistle sounded she was a mess.

Then we arrrived home. Well she was overwhelmed with the size of the property and house...she was shaking. She finally hid under the desk in the library and stayed there until bed time. Mom found my old travelling crate and we put her in there for the night....I think she liked it. I gave her one of my toys to keep her company but I could feel she was sad.

This morning wasn't much better. I invited her to play.... I don't think she knows how. I am laid in the library with her right now because even though she has never had a small white dog for a friend I think she will grow to love me.