me, Saturna Robbie

Friday, 26 August 2011

Times they are a changing

My life is just not what it used to be and somehow I have to take charge of getting it back! For instance, Lacey now rushes out the door ahead of me...everyone knows that it is her way of trying to usurp (good word huh?) my authority. Then yesterday morning as I was napping she came up and whacked me on the head with her paw! I was not impressed....but, mom told me boys never bite girls, so I let it pass. That was a big mistake. She wanted to play in the I said okay and we sort of chased each other ....and then...she bit my ear and rolled me down the bank!!  Okay not hard, but a mature male dog deserves more respect than that!!

We are off for a walk with DOD....Lacey has to be on a leash and I do not, so I run around and bark to tease you think this might be why she whacks me over the head when we get back??