me, Saturna Robbie

Thursday, 25 August 2011

Finding Priscinda

With Ulianorra's instructions engraved on our brains (and on a map we had scratched on a napkin as back up) we set off to find Priscinda. I must admit we were worried about what we were going to find when we did  meet up....had she been starving herself? Had she gone a little more weird in her loneliness? What were we going to say when we found her? All these questions rattled around in our brains as we walked through the forest path.

As is our usual habit we stopped by the Salamander pond to chat with nogarD. He hears a lot of what is going on in the forest from the animals that come to the pond to drink and he told us that no one had seen was as if she had flown away from the Farm forever. We gave him our news about CC but he was not too complimentary about Thomasina. nogarD said she had had at least three husbands and that her last husband had more or less thrown himself under the car tires rather than live with her. This does not look good for CC. Still we will watch and wait and see how it goes for him.

We trooped deeper and deeper into the forest ...twisting and turning this way and that. We passed many moss monsters along the way and some trees that we could see held Elves and Forest Sprites. Sometimes we called out 'hello' to them ..but mostly they stayed silent and watched us go by.

Trudging through the forest can be very tiring.
 Tansy and Hurley said we had gone far enough... and I had to admit my paws were sore too...but we had not yet found Priscinda so we must go on no matter what. We could tell it was getting close to late afternoon by the sun. ...the shadows grew longer and longer. I was beginning to think we must have taken a wrong turn when Margaret said....'someone has been camping here, and not very long ago...I see where they made a little camp fire and laid down for a rest'!  O please let it be Priscinda!  ....with renewed determination we pressed on....

How we missed CC's eagle eye and ability to fly. Hurley tried jumping as high as he could but he really couldn't see far, so on we went.

Have you noticed that sometimes just when you want to give up something good will happen? Well it did for us. We came to a clearing in the forest and there sitting on a log was our Priscinda!!!  We had found her!  She was thinner and very bedraggled with twigs and things in her hair, but she was our Priscinda.  She looked at us and looked away....then she looked again and said 'why did you come to find me'?  We all jumped around her tails wagging.....(except for Margaret) Tansy said ' I have so many spells I want to discuss with you, Priscinda'. Hurley said ' yea....I want to learn that spell stuff too'. Dusty nodded and smiled at her ....and I said 'because we are your friends Priscinda'. She bowed her head and said ' I have never had friends before.....and oh it feels soooo good...thank you, thank you all'!

It was one of those touching moments that you cry over in the movies.

It was time to go home, I knew mom would be wondering where we had got to. We took Priscinda to her house .... Mom is pretty strong but bringing a Witch home might just be too much for her. Tonight we must decide what do to about Priscinda....we don't want her to get so lonely again.

We will have a circle paw-paw right after dinner.