me, Saturna Robbie

Monday, 15 August 2011

Back to the Present

I have been working on getting us back to our real time. Time travel is not easy but we can do it! A phone booth is a good booths change lots of people and times. But we are not going to find one here. Machines are good too....but we can't build one without the right parts. Spirits sometimes come to take you like in a Christmas Carol....but Tansy says she is not going with any Spirit! I bet Priscinda could make a spell that would work....but I don't know how to get in touch with her. So here is my plan.

Tonight is a full moon.....lots of things can happen with a full moon. We are going to meet when everyone is asleep and form a paw circle. Tansy and Margaret are going to make up the magic words that will get us out of this time and back on our quest. We must all say the words together and think and concentrate as hard as we can....we MUST all think VERY hard or some of us could be left behind and then we would never find them.

We met at midnight. Margaret and Tansy changed into normal clothes. Hurley took off his harness.....CC fluffed his feathers in readiness for take off and old Dusty and I hid our worry that none of this would actually work!!

Off we trooped away from the camp......we found an old Joshua tree....and we formed a tight circle. Hand to hand and paw to paw (CC's foot works like a hand in these situations). Margaret stood in the middle of the ring and slowly we started to chant the rhyme that would transport us back to today:

Winds of time gather round us.
Give us wings to speed our way,
Rush us on our journey forward,
Let our tomorrow be today.

We felt the winds of time rustle, so we repeated the rhyme again and again.... each time with more feeling. Margaret led us with arms outstretched and face turned to the moon. The winds blew stronger and stronger..... WE ARE FLYING!!! OMG it worked.....
We are on our way back to today!!
Tansy and Margaret you did good!