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Thursday, 4 August 2011

Quick Trip Home

I left the Gang and rushed back to the Pond as soon as I heard from nogarD. He was really stressing.... some nasty kids visiting their Grandparents on the farm had been at the pond chucking rocks at the Salamanders and hitting him and his house too.

We had a chat and I tried to work through a strategy. I hid in the bullrushes and waited for the bad kids to show up. I didn't have to wait long, six of them ran down to the pond and started gathering up rocks! Poor nogarD he started to tremble and shake and I knew I could not handle this alone.

Off I sped to Priscinda's house. I fought back my own fear as Bats flew around me and a black Cat hissed a warning for me to not come any closer. I gulped and banged on the door and barked out ' Quick Priscinda, bad kids are throwing stones at little nogarD......Help'! She stopped stirring her witches brew, grabbed her hat and hybrid gas efficient motorised broom....yelled at me to get on.....and faster than a speeding bullet we were back at the pond.

I rushed up to the kids barking and growling and showing my teeth. Priscinda turned bright green and started cackling and reciting spells....and nogarD rose out of the water breathing clouds of steam from his nose.

But the kids just stood there.....they didn't know whether to run or fight. They decided to fight! Then in the distance I heard CC giving his Ninja fighting Rooster yell......they were here!! The Gang had come!! They had heard me call through time and space and here they were to save nogarD and the Salamanders. WOW!!

They charged to the pond letting out blood curdling yells....Margaret in her bionic woman outfit......Tansy and the Boys in tight black pants with chains on their wrists. All yipping and and snarling. We threw back our heads and howled the worst howl you can imagine.....Margaret and Priscinda were yelling and CC squawking....nogarD belching smoke. It was some performance.

Those kids started crying and running for home.....I heard later they told their Grandparents they would never come back.

We all smiled.

What a Gang! Now back to the desert .....

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