me, Saturna Robbie

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Honest Injun

I took the lead and walked up to the Indian Brave. He was in a full war bonnet and war paint and carrying his weapons with a very menacing air. I put up my paw and said 'How'...( I knew that was Indian talk from the Lone Ranger movies.) He raised his hand and said 'Hi, My name is Carlos Finklestein, we are here on location filming a re-make of the old Randolph Scott movie Heritage of the Desert'! Wow....a cool, we may become stars.

CC was very upset with the war bonnet, he thought he recognized some of his relatives in the feathers and wanted to have a showdown with Carlos. Carlos assured him all the feathers were synthetic ..... yet another crisis was averted.

Carlos called up to his men in the hills...'come on down and meet Hurley's Harley Gang and the Dragon Patrol'. The fellas in the hills were not too keen on coming any closer to the Dragons...Wrexel sent out a smoke signal message of welcome and removed his skull and cross-bones bandanna in order to look more friendly. Still they hung back (what a pack of wusses.)

Margaret decided to wow them with her Mae West imitation. She drawled 'come on down and see me boys'. Tansy rolled her eyes and said 'Dear Heaven give me strength'. Anyway, Margaret has not lost that old OOMPH and it worked....the boys all hustled on down. They invited us to join them at their chuck-wagon for dinner but got to worrying who could get a fire going who would cook etc. Femme La Flamme stepped in wowed them with her Tamale frying expertise....(that girl is HOT) and we had dinner cooked and served way faster than at aTaco Belle drive thru!

We sat around after dinner, Dusty, Hurley and CC started a Cowboy song sing-song....I love Home on the Range' ....Give me a home where the buffalo roam and i'll give you a dirty house' is my favourite. Margaret and Tansy sang the Blue Canadian Rockies in perfect harmony and I sang the Beaver Song. The boys sang ABBA golden oldies. We had such a fun time....Dogs, Humans, Dragons and a Rooster...such multiculturalism.

All too soon Wrexel said it was time to head back to camp in order to avoid the nocturnal Critters.

You know, I still don't know what Dragons eat! Tansy is nervous and so is CC. I don't like to ask but as leader of this group I had better find!

I think we will meet up with our new friends again.
To be continued....