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Friday, 5 August 2011

A Midnight Snack!

We are riding in the dark, how different the desert looks and feels at night. quiet, the stars are so very close to us here.

The Coyotes are howling, calling from hill to hill. We understand a little Coyote but they have to howl slowly for us to get the drift of what they are saying.  They sound scary to me.

I think we are getting GPS is not working and CC can't see see in the dark.

Wrexel gives the 'halt sign' .....we all halt. He said 'we have to stop and eat' has been so long since we have roasted a heart.... This is a good place.....we have everything we need'!!

They all dismounted and took out knives.

Tansy squealed and went pale!......CC said 'mine is tiny it won't feed you'.OMG, what have we got ourselves into?? I am the leader....I must lead!!!

I gave the okay to form a Dog circle around Tansy and CC.....and to growl as fiercely as possible which we did with our voicing shaking and breaking. Margaret opted out of the growling circle and ran for her gun.......she pumped the lever and said ' you touch that dog and that rooster and you are toast!

Wrexel, Weezle @ , Weezle * and Femme all looked at her in astonishment. Femme said 'have y'all had too much sun Honey?' We aint gonna toast your sausage dog and the chicken......we are vegetarians.....we only eat Heart of Cacti'! This here is a place where the young'uns grow'

Okay.....what do we say now??? Come on Gang, help me out!!!!

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