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Saturday, 13 August 2011

Pioneer Gang

Pioneer Women
 Well there was nothing could be done except get Margaret looking like the rest of the women. These were decent God fearing people and they were already looking in the Good Book to see if they could find an appropriate Bible passage for dealing with Margaret's attire. Finding none that quite matched, (there were some that involved not so nice punishments) and because Margaret one-upped them quotation for quotation, they decided if she would cover herself up they would let matters rest. And no, she was not allowed to 'jazz it up'!

Tansy laughed and laughed until she was weak at the thought of Margaret dressed like those women.  Actually, I think Margaret looked pretty darned good. You see as we had gone back in time Margaret had gone back in age and she was looking like the Belle of the Ball in her new outfit.What a beauty! Tansy stopped laughing and looked crest fallen and peevish with the new turn of events, she wanted to be young again too but for some reason time travel did not affect us animals in the same way as humans.

Young Margaret

 The Pioneer people asked if we would like to join them on the their trek. Well considering we had lost the dragons and we didn't know if they could find us back in time.... and as motor bikes had not been invented yet even if they could....we said 'okay'.

The Wagon train leader said we would all have to have free loaders on his trek.  Margaret and Tansy would have to help with laundry and kids and cooking....(I am not sure about Tansy and  the kids, some of those boys look mean)  Hurley had to help pull wagons, Dusty and I must stand guard duty at night and watch for marauding Indians and Coyotes and wolves... and CC had to rid the wagons of bugs every night. It was hard work for all of us but we had a conference and decided we were better to stay with them until we could get back to our time... or until something better came along.

Hurley harnessed to pull the wagon
I drew this little sketch of Hurley harnessed to a wagon. I hope he can handle the hours and tough going.

Tansy that little sneak convinced a couple that she could not walk and they let her sit up at the front of the wagon with them. Margaret offered to be a muleskinner and guide a team pullling the chuck wagon....the rest of us started walking alongside the wagons.

These people do not have a good sense of direction....they spend a lot of time discussing where to go next and how to get around mountains ...where to find water etc. I am going to let them see my GPS!  won't they be surprised at what it can do??