me, Saturna Robbie

Sunday, 28 August 2011

On the Road Again

I said goodbye to mom and DOD and faster than a speeding bullet we were all back in Arizona at the Dragon base camp. I introduced Wrexel , Femme la Flamme and Weezle@ and Weezle* to Red Rooster. Red sort of blew it when he launched into an aria from La Boheme to show off his vocal prowess. Wrexel took me aside and said 'is this guy for real'? I have to admit Red was a bit off-key on the high Cs!

Without further ado we saddled up and away we did ride. Red rode up front with Wrexel, Margaret and Tansy together (yes, Margaret is the driver) Hurley behind Femme, Dusty behind Weezle* and Me behind Weezle@. The hot dry air felt good on my face and we drove as fast as the bikes would go, leaving a wide trail of dust behind us. It is still monsoon season in Arizona and we have asked Red to keep a sharp eye for clouds on the horizon, especially for tornadoes ...we don't want that experience again.

The dragons told us that if we pushed really hard we could be at the Wozarts etc. by late tonight. We had a quick paw circle during lunch and decided that tired as we may be, we will carry on until we arrive at the Wozart's palace.

Hour after hour we rode into the hills. Red fell off the bike twice...he is not in good shape that boy! Every bone in our bodies ached .....Tansy muttered once or twice about mutiny but then changed her mind...perked up... and she and Red led us in a rousing rendition of Old MacDonald Had a Farm....we all loved doing the animal noises, especially Hurley, he is such a character!. And then the strangest thing happened......a small herd of Javelinas heard the oink, oink part of the song and ran up in front the bikes to see if it was some of their relatives approaching.
Javelina are wild pig-like animals that live in the desert. They have razor sharp tusks and are known to attack people if cornered They mark their territory by rubbing their rear ends on rocks and stumps and they smell terrible. Their enemy is the coyote and because they have very poor eyesight they often mistake dogs for coyotes!! We didn't want to run over them and we sure didn't want them attacking us, so our Dear Margaret struck up with a very loud chorus of  'Moo Moo here and a Moo Moo there, here a Moo, there a Moo, everywhere a Moo Moo'. The Javelinas must have thought we were a herd of strange cows, because they veered away from our bikes and ran back into the desert leaving behind a smell that made our eyes water!

I am not allowed to describe where we went after that ....but many, many hours later...way past our bedtimes, we finally saw off in the distance, the lights of Wozart's etc. palace!  We all cheered and barked and squawked with joy as we drove toward the lights. The dragons smiled at us acting so crazy on the back of their bikes and breathed out jets of fire to show they were happy for was like being in a torch lit parade!

We have made it!