me, Saturna Robbie

Saturday, 6 August 2011

Back to Camp

Well thanks to all your suggestions we can now get out of this predicament.

Margaret twirled her gun like a majorette and said...'now I have your attention boys, here is some of my world famous Salal Berry jam, it will go so well with Heart of Cacti.....the dragons didn't look convinced, so she quickly added...  Tansy and I are going to entertain you while you dine with our famous Yukon Dance Hall high-stepping routine. The dragons cheered and went to forage for their dinner. Tansy was not amused....but considering the loyalty Margaret had shown in the face of danger... she was quiet for a change. Off they went to change into their dance hall girl clothes.

Dusty, Hurley, CC and myself decided to go for a stroll in the desert, the moon was high and bright and we could see clearly for a long way. I worried a bit about the coyotes but (a) they are cousins three times removed and (b) they sounded far away. So off we went sniffing the wonderful desert smells.  I don't know how many of you have ever smelled Javelinas?  Wow.....those wild piggies are WILD! We thought about rolling in all that fragrant piggy poo but decided we had better not....the smell of the three of us in all of our masculine glory just might be too much for Tansy, not to mention Margaret. CC found other things in the night desert....I read on Google that most insects and animals come out at night in the desert because it is cooler.....anyway, CC had a banquet of beetles and spiders. He ate so much that he could not fly and had to walk home with the rest of us complaining all the way that his feet hurt. Kind Dusty finally offered him a ride on his back.

We are back at the dragon dinner waiting for Margaret and Tansy. The Coyotes and Javelinas sensing a party  have crept closer to watch.

And here they come!!!  Wow!  Margaret and Tansy are high-kicking and synchronized to a 'T'.....kicking up sand to can-can music (they brought an i-pod) they had those dragon boys (and us three) mesmerised! Who would have thought it??  They ended with the classic pose of flipping up thier skirts and showing thier drawers....the boys went wild, whistling and clapping ...the coyotes howled and the Javelinas snorted. What a performance. Femme asked Margaret if she would teach her how to can-can....can-can you just imagine a can-canning dragon?

We cleaned up the sand, got back on our bikes and headed back to camp. Tomorrow we really must start our quest....all these side trips are fun but we are not getting to Wozart the Wozard etc. And we are not any closer to finding the Lost Dutchman's Gold Mine and starting our Dog's Town.