me, Saturna Robbie

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

First Ride in the Desert

Right off the bat I want to say thanks to Inka for pointing out that Margaret may not like our kibble. I feel bad that Margaret has lost a couple of kilos of weight before we even start on the tough part of our trip but Tansy says it is good for Margaret to lose weight and we should not bother trying to find human food for her....CC says Margaret may be happier on a spider and grub diet.....I will ask her. Another executive decision to make!!

And away we go!!

I love the wind in my ears and and the feeling of almost flying across the sandy terrain. Wrexel and CC are leading the way and talking to us on our bike-to-bike satellite communication devices. I do wish CC would not squawk and speak in Spanish to us...not to mention singing off-color Rooster songs that are not acceptable in mixed company! Hurley is drooling into his microphone on account of his close proximity to Femme La Flamme...I am worried he might electrocute himself. Dusty and I are speaking in Dog Latin to keep our communication from the rest of the group....we don't know how to tell these young guys to look straight ahead and not bother talking to us. The Weezles *&;@ have singed our whiskers and my doggles are fogged and a bit lop-sided from being melted. Margaret and Tansy are having a disagreement, Margaret is still reminiscing about the good old days...she told Tansy that a miner once offered to pay her weight in gold if she would marry him... Tansy retorted that there was not enough gold in the whole Yukon for that!!  Geez they are doing donuts in the sand, I may have to step in!

The hills are red is beautiful in an eerie sort of way. We are in Navajo country, I love the wide open spaces many, many miles of open people...only sage brush..... and blue sky. We are all barking and yelling and squawking and snorting fire....Yeehaw this is fun!

Is that a Navajo Brave in front of us with a rifle and a tomahawk??  Dusty said 'yup, sure is....I seen these fellas on old Hopalong Cassidy shows and that be a real Injun alright'( he is getting this Western Lingo down fast)..!  I hear that clip-clopping western music all around...I look up...we are surrounded by Indians!!!!!

To be continued.....