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Monday, 1 August 2011

Camp Fire Tales (2)

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Margaret took a deep breath and began her story.  She told us of her life as a Can-Can dancer in Paris where she was famous for her high kicks and hand embroidered drawers. From Paris she journeyed to the wilds of Canada and the Yukon and again she became famous, this time as Lake La Barge Marge a dance hall owner and performer in Dawson City. Marge learned to shoot and ride and smoke and swear like a trooper....... and then... seeing the error of her ways (well really she never thought her ways were in error it is just Tansy who wants her to repent) she made her way to a small island off the west coast of BC and a new life.

Before Margaret could finish her story the sky turned black and one of those wild desert storms blew started to thunder and lightning flashed around us....I have to admit I was scared. We all rushed to our tents as fast as we could, I was glad of CC's company even though he perched on my head.

Early the next morning we got up to the smell of kibble roasting on the camp-fire, Hurley had been up and around for hours and prepared a gourmet meal for us with his usual enthusiasm. The desert makes for big appetites (except for Margaret who is such a fussy eater) and we dug in with gusto.

After breakfast Tansy and I got ready for our first riding lesson. Tansy donned her Gucci leathers and I put on my doggles. We did not get off to a good start as Tansy insisted on riding side-saddle...she said no self respecting female would straddle a saddle and gave Margaret a disgusted look. Wrexel said as long as she could hold on he didn't care...phew, that was close.

We are all going on a short test ride. This is how we formed our Harley Gang; Wrexel and CC leading; Margaret driving (in chaps and astride) and Tansy (side-saddle) next; Femme La Flamme with Hurley; Weezle @ with Dusty and Weezle * and me bringing up the rear.

We are going out into the desert for a few hours. Pray for good weather and no unfortunate happenings!!!