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Thursday, 18 August 2011

The Faerie Queen

I heard from many readers telling me the Gang should find Priscinda before we continue with our Quest. So that is what we are going to do.

My Wooden Duck
We spent the night at my house...I always have lots of food and treats on hand for drop in guests. Dusty, Hurley and Tansy helped themselves to the treat supply stashed in my wooden duck. Tansy wanted to know why she didn't have anything like that at her house and she let Margaret know things would be changing when they got back to Galiano.

We set off early in the morning after we had checked the property for marauding Otters and other critters. I though the best place to start would be at the Elves house... so down the mossy trail we headed and found their tree-stump house off the path, deep, deep in the forest. A peek in the window showed them still asleep in their little Elf beds. CC gave a great rendition of Reveille and they all tumbled out of their beds and ran to the door to see what was happening. They laughed their jolly laugh when they saw it was Hurley's Gang (they knew who we were because they read our blog) and invited us in for herbal tea. Well, it was a hosptitable thing for them to do but only CC could fit into the place, so we thanked them and said we would like to chat with them outside.

Elves House

We sat on the soft green moss and asked them where they thought  Priscinda could have gone. They said they had not seen her since we had left on our Quest... but they were sure if anyone would know where she was it would be  Uliannora- the Faerie Queen. We all got goosebumps at the mention of the Faerie Queen....I mean she is THE most powerful being in the forest....she can turn you into a Toad just by looking at you. This called for a Gang conference.

We sat in our paw circle and examined the options. Dusty led our group discussion. We each weighed the sheer terror of meeting up with Uliannora against our promise to Priscinda. CC said he didn't mind if she changed him into anything but a spider. Tansy said she would never be a Toad no matter what....only boy dogs could be made into Toads. Margaret said there were a few options that might actually be an improvement on Tansy ( we all chuckled except Tansy who growled under her breath) but that she Margaret, personally was not afraid...she would try anything once!  Hurley was his usual optimistic self ...Dusty said we should always take the high road, that we must find Priscinda ...and me...well I know more of Uliannora than the rest of the Gang and I know this could be very dangerous. Still a promise is a promise and we must go on.

We aked the Elves how to find Uliannora; they drew a map into the moss with a stick. Now we are going back to my house; I hope mom has replenished my wooden treat duck...

We are going to make a plan. Oh and I sent a text message to the dragons letting them know we may not be back for a while!