me, Saturna Robbie

Sunday, 7 August 2011

Early One Morning

Just as the sun was ri-is-ing we all got up out of bed, had our usual breakfast and packed up for our long, tough trip. Water is vital in the desert and we packed a we may have to find along the way if we don't go into a town.

Everybody climbed onto their bikes.....check for collars and tags......check for doggles and sun glasses....check for sun screen......check for hats......check for breath mints and snacks. We are ready!

Vroom....Vroom......away we go!

You know this desert is big! Miles and miles of hot, dry, land. I am hoping that Wrexel will want to stop soon my butt is getting sore.

We haven't stopped!! Margaret and Tansy are making frantic signals at me. Dusty and Hurley are spitting Dust (maybe that is where Dusty got his name) and CC is croaking like a frog. I have to do something these dragons can ride forever.

Okay..plan A. I tap Weezel@ on his shoulder and tell him I have to 'go'. He says 'go where?'. That didn't work. Plan B....I look at CC.....he gets it! He flutters his wings pathetically, croaks and drops to the ground.

We all stop. Hallelujah!

We are all dusty......I don't mean Dusty....I mean we are covered in dirt. I can't walk straight, neither can the rest of the Gang. We need a drink and a rest.

After an all too short break Wrexel tells us to saddle up. We moan softly.....Randolph Scott never seemed to have these problems when he was in the Arizona desert.

CC needs a hat.....what can we give him? Margaret takes out one of her fancy undies....she deftly tears it apart and makes a Lawrence of Arabia headdress for CC. He definitely looks like a prince of the desert...very exotic. Tansy wants one too.... actually, we all do! Margaret keeps tearing and fashioning (drawers go further in cyber space than they do in the real world) she gives Tansy the embroidered part and I must say she looks adorable as Queen of the desert.

We ride along at a bit over the dragon speed limit, our headdresses flying in the wind. Dusty says ' this sure beats being on a leash and harness at home!' Hurley nods enthusiastically 'YES'.

At dinner time we stop for the night and make camp. Hurley is getting right into being a camp cook and we look forward to his culinary offerings....that boy can do amazing things with kibble.
For a treat the dragons are going to roast marshmallows for us.......bacon marshmallows favourite. It is like having a microwave, marshmallows served up in 5 seconds! I wonder if the dragons have heartburn?

This has been a quiet day. I am glad for that. We need to pace ourselves and learn the rhythms of the desert.
We head for our tents and call good night to each other. Good night Margaret and Tansy; good night Dusty and Hurley; good night Dragons; good night CC.

I hear my dear friend's voices echo back to me......GOOD NIGHT ROBBIE!